Why Use a Realtor?

Realtors have the best and most updated access to homes and buyers in your area, but a realtor’s knowledge, experience and resources are even more valuable.  Realtors are familiar with all of the legal contracts and regulations necessary for your city, county and state. Realtors belong to the national and state association of realtors.  The association provides education, support and legal advice from real estate attorneys.

Your realtor is your safety net and there to protect you.  There are people who sell homes without realtors and without title companies.  Often these cases involve fraud, and buyers or sellers are swindled out of their money or property.  More often these cases involve contract mistakes, recording mistakes, misrepresentation, under-disclosure and zoning issues.  Many people end up in a “nightmare” because they didn’t know what they should include or ask to be disclosed in a real estate contract.  Buyers may even have difficulty getting financing without a proper contract. Formerly amiable buyers and sellers end up with a bad taste in their mouth or worse, in costly legal battles.  The biggest purchase of your life is not a do-it-yourself project.  Let an expert navigate for you.